Recently, McKamey Manor has been on fire for alleged exploitation and overboard torture of people that go on its tour.

For people who aren’t aware of it, McKamey Manor is a ‘haunted house’ owned and run by Russ McKamey. It has been the talk of people recently because of a tweet that was circulating on social media. Check it out below.

Included in the tweet are photos of the waiver that participants of McKamey Manor’s ‘haunt tour’ sign. According to the waiver, here are some things that people agree to upon signing the document:

  • they may come in contact with carbon monoxide poisoning due to artificial fog
  • quitting is prohibited unless serious physical or psychological injury is present
  • hypodermic needles, zappers, tasers, or dog shock collars may be used on them
  • various fluids may be placed in their mouths and it is their responsibility to swallow them

But be aware that the document doesn’t stop with just the things mentioned above. Because yes, a lot more similarly disturbing warnings continue to fill the 40-page waiver.

Torturing people since 2010

Amusingly, McKamey Manor has its own YouTube channel where you could watch a couple of their ‘haunts’. So from there, you could have a glimpse on how they treat most of their participants.

You can check out their latest video below but warning ahead, the clips are totally psychologically disturbing.

But even though videos like this exist to warn people of what they may experience during the haunt, the waiting list for the tour still has over 24,000 names on it. This is really dumbfounding, especially when the people behind the tour are warning people themselves, saying “you really don’t want to do this”.

Before though, the haunt wasn’t as extreme as this. In their first years, they used to do really cool haunts where people are just scared shitless without the unnecessary torture. Check their video from 2011 below.

McKamey Manor

However, going back, because of the overboard torture that people go through in McKamey Manor, many people are wondering if what they are doing is actually illegal.

Yes they do have a signed waiver, but some participants are reportedly already abused even though they are still reading the document. So as a result, they aren’t even fully aware of what will be held against them. Moreover, some participants are telling that even with the use of a ‘safe word’, it took a long time before the torture ended.

So in our opinion, McKamey Manor should be investigated for the haunt that they are doing. Participants may agree, but the psychological and physical injuries that may experience must not be overlooked.

Do you think McKamey Manor should be shut down? What do you think about the tortures that they are making people go through? Share with us your thoughts through the comments below or simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter, @udouph.