Alex Gonzaga is back at it again with a new video and this time with a special guest and it’s Mayor Isko Moreno! Catch them as they take a tour around Manila.

On Saturday, Alex Gonzaga uploaded a vlog on her Youtube account wherein she takes on the opportunity to tour around Manila with none other than, Yorme Isko Moreno! Considering both of their personalities are jolly and humorous, we can already smell one hell of a video! And that’s what exactly happened! Here’s went down in Alex’s vlog!

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They first made pleasantries in Mayor Isko’s office with Alex Gonzaga looking lively as usual and Isko dashing as ever! Their first line of business is to visit Mehan Garden currently being renovated to be a public park, which was then an excluded place.

Alex took the time to ask a question we’ve been all wondering about. She goes on to say why he likes to check the city during night time.

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“Nowadays kasi pagkagabi, feeling ng ilan bahagi na pamahalaan, [rest day]. Hindi naman pu-puwede kasi kailangan ang paggo-gobyerno 24 hours,” Isko stated.

When asked what’s the thing he hates the most, Isko firmly believes bullies don’t have a place in communities.

“‘Yung maraming nagsiga-sigaan. Kasi ako naniniwala ako na kapag gabi, matutulog na sila dapat panatag na sila.”

Looking back

To end the vlog, Alex prepared a special meal for both of them. In Filipino culture, there’s this term called “pagpag”. Often, it’s the leftover food thrown in the garbage and it’s what people living in poor conditions eat to survive. And Mayor Isko is not new to this because he was a former garbage collector.

But of course, Alex won’t literally make Mayor Isko eat “pagpag”, you just have to watch the video to find out!

If you haven’t seen the full video yet, catch it right here!

Despite being Manila’s mayor, we are in awe with Isko because he knows how to stay grounded and can still remember his roots. And we can’t wait for another video seeing him together with Alex! We’d pay big money to see them do funny skits and challenges! How about you?

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