The Christmas classic song ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey just broke 3 Guinness World Records!

We know that recently, we have been sick of the same ol’ Christmas songs and listening to some new ones. After all, we hear the Yuletide classics over and over again every year. However, we have to admit that there is one that will never really lose its magic — ‘All I Want for Cristmas’ by Mariah Carey will forever be iconic.

Just in case you haven’t been receiving enough doses of this song, here is the music video so that the festive vibes could hopefully make your day a little brighter!

Isn’t Mariah Carey just adorable in this video though? Also, we can’t believe that this festive song came out a little bit over 25 years ago already! This was released on October 29, 1994 and phew, time just went really fast.

All I Want for Christmas Is You: a record-breaking, generation-shaping Christmas classic

Mariah Carey’s holiday song is timeless and somehow revolutionary, as it proves how people from different generations could like the same music. ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ came out two decades ago, yet young people in the present still appreciate it.

Moreover, we were given the evidence by the Guinness World Records themselves when this song broke 3 of their records. Pop diva Mariah Carey really deserves all the recognition for this song that she herself wrote!

Check out her Instagram post below about this news.

Such a Christmas queen! And mind you, she enjoys being an icon every time the end of the year approaches. In fact, in another Instagram post she just announced about a Christmas album where she sang other classic Christmas tunes.

Titled ‘All I Want for Christmas is You Experience‘, check out the heavenly Spotify playlist below!

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