Maleficent is back, and she brings a whole new journey with her. And here’s why we’re so piqued!

Disney just released the official trailer for the second Maleficent movie. They called it ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’. And while we have seen the character be good in the first movie, unable to resist the ever beautiful Aurora, we can only wonder why the second movie is titled as such. Check out this trailer!

Maleficent seems to be taking some other journey here, as they make new allegiances to protect the Moores and the creatures in it. I mean, this is what Maleficent has always been about, ever since that human boy did her wrong. But this time, she looks like she’d be locking horns with the Queen Ingrith played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and resort to being evil yet again.


Maleficent opened the doors for us to see what caused Maleficent to be oh so evil. I mean, The Sleeping Beauty doesn’t shed good light to her at all. It just looks like a witch who was pissed off for not being invited to a party. Disney took a bold step to focus on the villain this time, presenting the complex character who we now know had a name, and it was Maleficent. Be honest, you only just called her “the evil witch” too, before the first movie.

The first movie seemed to have closed the story with just that, to show Maleficent’s background, another side to the same coin. So imagine our surprise upon learning that there will be a second movie. Imagine our excitement, too! As I’ve said, Maleficent is a complex character that isn’t “just good” or “just bad”. Her character allows for many exciting spins in the story that we wouldn’t have expected. This being said, we couldn’t wait to see how the events will unfold in Maleficent 2!

A new look

Okay, tell me I’m not the only one that noticed that the winged fairy was sporting a much more snatched contour this time. It’s either that or the production really made her look edgier this time. We were also intrigued by the new wardrobe choices for the character. Far from the kind winged fairy residing in the woods that we have come to love, Maleficent is now out with a fiercer, somehow more evil look.

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