Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino are about to team up for a new movie, and we couldn’t be excited enough for it!

Yup, you read it right! Never in a million years would we have expected Carlo Aquino and Maine Mendoza to be cast together in a film, and as love interests! Well, Black Sheep proved it was possible, and the two are set to headline the film, ‘Isa Pa With Feelings’! Sounds like a fun title, and we all look forward to seeing it!

I think we all can remember that Alden had just had a starring role in ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye‘ with Star Cinema’s Kathryn Bernardo. And the crossover has repeated! This time, it’s Maine being paired up with Carlo, and frankly, it’s a pretty interesting pair up! While Carlo has been doing films for years, Maine is fairly new to the big screen. And we can see how Maine could learn a lot from Carlo. Nonetheless, we can also see how big of a challenge this would be for Maine, on that she’s taking head on! This would also be the second film that Carlo would be in this year, following ‘Ulan‘, which he did with Nadine Lustre.

How will they pair up?

Today’s the age of experimental casting. In 2019, directors aren’t going for the usual love teams anymore. Which is great, if you ask me. It’s actually a breath of fresh air. After Kathryn Bernardo did a film with Alden Richards, Julia Barretto with Gerald Anderson, and now Maine Mendoza with Carlo Aquino, we can now see how the actors perform apart from their usual love teams. It’s a challenge. We say this because having a new pair takes a lot of adjustments. They have to learn their chemistry together. Needless to say, they have to do it to produce a great film. And so far, these actors don’t disappoint!

This being said, we can’t wait to see how Maine and Carlo will pair up on-screen. Will they have chemistry? Can they make us believe in love again? We’ll see, that’s for sure. But based on the title, we can assume that this film would be a quirky one. Expectations? Of course, we’d look forward to the fun of the film, but also some drama. Because hey, it’s Carlo Aquino, after all.

There’s no definite date as to when the film would be released but we’ll keep you posted! What are your expectations for ‘Isa Pa With Feelings’? Tell us in the comment section below! Better yet, send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.