Need a good laugh? Check out how these people cut-off Netflix moochers!



Aren’t Netflix moochers just so annoying? Here in the Philippines, getting a Netflix subscription isn’t that hard anymore. What’s that? you don’t have a credit card? No problem! You can use digital cards that you can top-up at convenience stores, like Pay Maya. And the plans available aren’t that expensive. Netflix offers three different account types starting at 370 PHP a month to 550 PHP a month. So it’s really quite shocking how some people still want to mooch off of other people’s accounts. And not even offering to split-pay! And since Netflix recently announced that they’ll be stricter in “password sharing” we won’t have to deal with moochers much longer. So check out how these cheapskates react to getting cut-off from Netflix!

Your ex that suddenly comes out of nowhere

Oh! Watch out here comes another one!

Honestly, why do exes think they can still use your Netflix account after breaking up?

Uhm… Excuse me? Do you really think friendship pays for Netflix?

Dude From My School Who Thought I Was My Friend


Seriously, what’s with these people? It should have been obvious AFTER they broke up that he should stop using her account!

Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with Netflix moochers like this for long. And to all those people who are still mooching. Maybe it’s time you get your own accounts! Or get a shared account! The thing is, you can’t just have things for free!

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