We may be all apart from each other, but know that we can still lend a hand despite the distance.

It’s almost been a month since this pandemic crisis hit our country. Streets are still empty, too many workers have temporarily lost their jobs and we’re all flooded with news about the threat of the novel COVID-19. While some of us are still holding up in our current situation, there are people who have been hit harder, now suffering from shortage of food and vulnerability from sickness.

With all that said, different groups of concerned individuals have organized fundraising efforts to help our countrymen greatly affected by this pandemic crisis.

P100 for 100 Surf Instructors

Just like Manila, many provinces have been ordered to impose lockdown and travel restrictions, including Aurora. In line with that, surf instructors whose main source of income us tourism have greatly suffered financially.

Here’s some good news! We can help the surf instructors in Aurora through a cause made by a group of ardent surf students for those who are affected in the surf town of Sabang Beach. Through the Aurora Surf Riders Association Incorporated (ASRAI), we can donate P100 that will be part of a collective fund to be used to buy food packs for surf instructors and their families.

You can send your donation to the following accounts below.

Tulong sa Magsasaka

Within the safety of our homes,  our farmers are still doing their best under the sun just to make sure that we have enough food supply. To return the help, a cause was started to provide protection for these backliners as they are also vulnerable to the virus as they work. 

Using the raised funds, local farmers of Quezon province will be provided with reusable masks, multivitamins, ascorbic acid tablets, medicine for flu, fever and cough. To tell you, Quezon Province is the top agricultural-producing province in the Calabarzon Region (Region 4-A).

This fundraising will ensure that our local farmers will remain healthy in the midst of this pandemic season. You can donate on the following accounts:

Let’s help Live Event Freelancers

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We know that everything is canceled including our live shows, product launches and so on, affecting freelancers who are basically ‘No work, No pay’. To help them, a group of people put up this fundraising to aid these professionals in the freelance industry.
We could support them by donating your desired amount to the following bank account.

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Let’s work together in overcoming this crisis!

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