Gigs and film production are canceled. In line with that, all the work of those who are behind live music and filming are instantly snapped out because of the outbreak.

Perhaps, we all have been enjoying the free streaming of some films and live online concert on Facebook. To tell you, the lockdown over Luzon caused a struggle not just in our local artists but also to the members of their crew and to our film workers.

But Filipinos do not leave their staffs behind, so these following fundraisings were created to support and reach out to the workers who are terribly affected by the pandemic outbreak.

Raise Funds for Roadie Superstars

Indie Manila and Red Ninja Productions in partnership with Roadie Superstars, got together to promote camaraderie and create awareness for the Roadies and music tech in the Philippines who are in need during this outbreak.

This special GoGetfunding page is set to raise funds for the roadies and crew members who unfortunately can’t sustain themselves during this crisis because for them, ‘no show means no pay’. And since all of the events were cancelled, it means it’s really a big deal for the men who make sure your live show will be the best one.

The roadies are the key part of the shows who are assisting our musicians and definitely the ones who backend the amazing shows. So, by our generous hearts, we can lend a hand and support them in the midst of this crisis. You can donate on the following channels if you click their Gogetfunding page.

Binge Watch For A Cause at Lockdown Cinema

Of course, all of the production in our local films are also affected by the lockdown. Because of that, Lockdown Cinema is created as an initiative by our independent Filipino filmmakers who made a line up for Southeast Asian short films streaming platform to raise money for film industry workers.

With the help of producer and actress, Camille Aragona together with filmmaker Carl Chavez, producer Alemberg Ang and cinematographer Mackie Galvez, we can help our film workers who has no work-no pay in film industry.  They are enticing us to “watch all you can, give what you can” for utility personnel, setmen, frips, electricians, production assistants, and post-production staff.

You can take look of the list of the films on the following links below and also see the following banks where you can donate:

Volume 1, Volume 2

Let’s work together in overcoming this crisis!

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