Good news, fellow bookworms! There’s gonna be a Leigh Bardugo’s best selling series Netflix adaptation and I’m so excited!

It was confirmed that there’s going to be a Leigh Bardugo’s best selling series Netflix adaptation. And I know fans of the book series are excited as much as I am. Because the characters and stories that we have grown to love are finally coming to life.

The ‘Shadow and Bone Trilogy’ of Leigh Bardugo is coming to life through Netflix! Not only that, but ‘Six of Crows’ series will overlap with it through the adaptation. Both set in the Grishaverse of Leigh Bardugo, it truly is a mini-series to watch out for.

What we know so far!

‘Shadow and Bone Trilogy’ and the ‘Six of Crows’ (two-book series) are two different stories but both taking place in the Grishaverse. Merging the two book series in a single eight-episode Netflix series are Shawn Levy and Eric Heisserer. Shawn Levy is the executive producer of ‘Stranger Things‘. While Eric Heisserer, writer of ‘Bird Box’, will be the showrunner of the book to movie adaptation.

One of the executive producers for the Netflix adaptation is Pouya Shahbazian (The Divergent Series), together with Leigh Bardugo herself, Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen, and Josh Barry for 21 Laps. The 21 Laps Entertainment is home to amazing American film and television production company that is run by director-producer Shawn Levy.

The book series

The ‘Shadow and Bone Trilogy’ by Leigh Bardugo focuses on the character of Alina Starkov. Filled with magic, monsters, and darkness—it is a fantasy adventure that will make you lose sleep just to reach the ending. Great characters, a complex story, and overall a gripping trilogy about discovering yourself, unleashing your true power, and of course, romance.

The two-book series, ‘Six of Crows’ and ‘Crooked Kingdom’, is set in the Grishaverse as well. The ‘Shadow and Bone’ had a female protagonist. This time, best-selling author Leigh Bardugo has a male protagonist, the criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. His adventure kicks off when he was offered a deadly heist that could change his life forever. But first, he has to survive teaming up with outcasts. Exciting and thrilling is what ‘Six of Crows’ series is!

I don’t know how these two book series are going to merge in an eight-episode miniseries. But I am truly excited to find out how the plot is gonna go down and who the casts are!

How about you? Have you read the Shadow and Bone trilogy or the Six of Crows series? If not, I suggest you do so now before the release of Leigh Bardugo’s best selling series Netflix adaptation! Excited? Negative reactions? Tell us what you think in the comment section below! Better yet, send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!