Make some noise inside your house as Fender gives us Guitar, Bass and Ukelele lessons for free!

We’re starting to be a little bit crazy since we got lockdown for almost two weeks since Luzon has been lockdown due to the Pandemic but thanks to another good news from Fender! To help pass in isolation, Fender us stepping in as they offer three months of Free three-month subscriptions to the first 100,000 new subscribers to their Fender Play platform.


Usually, it costs Five hundred pesos a month with instructional videos for acoustic and electric guitar, bass and ukelele lessons based on your preferences and choice of instrument. After you pick your instrument, you could also choose whether you want to learn pop, rock, folk, blues, or country.

There will be five levels and per level, you can hone your craft through skill courses. If you are excited and be one of the 100,000 applicants, you can get code here: Play through. Play On.

Come on, get up because there’s no better time to sit and practice all day long. Let’s be productive during this isolation!

“With everything happening in the world, music has the power to connect us,” Fender’s statement added. “We want to do our part to see you through…”

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