With the collaboration of Marvel Comics and Riot Games, League of Legends is getting its own comics. And to kick off the collection is the origin story League of Legends Ashe: Warmother.

League of Legends has always been consistent with amazing visuals. Not only in the game itself but also in their cinematics and shorts. In order to expand the universe of League and it’s lore, Riot Games has partnered with Marvel Comics for full-blown graphic novels. In a similar manner, they aim to release monthly graphic novels for the collection.

‘Ashe: Warmother’ kicks off the League of Legends universe. It is the origin story of League of Legends champion, iconic Iceborn archer, Ashe. It follows Ashe’s journey as she struggles to be the leader of Freljord. Aside from that, it also features Ashe’s own mother who influences her heavily all throughout the story. The story will take place on Runeterra, the fictional world of League of Legends.

League players might have known Ashe’s brief story and how she ends up as she is now. However, like we always say, it’s the journey that matters. ‘Ashe: Warmother’ will uncover more about Ashe. Also, the comics will eventually introduce other familiar names and places vital to the League of Legends universe.

This collaboration will give an opportunity for people to see closely what the League of Legends universe is. As a game, players rarely focus on the lore-side because of the game mechanics and technicalities. But the comics could change all of that. As we know Marvel Comics for their own Marvel universe rich in compelling stories. So they can definitely bring League of Legends to life.

As a matter of fact, Riot Games want fans and comic enthusiasts to see League of Legends much more than the game. To be honest, LoL is known to have compelling stories and a unique world. It has a lot of stories to tell like it was taken out straight from a comic book. And the culmination of this graphic novel collection would be the next step to make the community bloom.

‘Ashe: Warmother’ features Riot Games writer Odin Austin Shafer and artist Nina Vakueva. Also, Cardinal Rae will provide lettering for the comics. Issue #1 is available in LoL’s site. Issue #2 will be available soon the site but is already out in other digital platforms.

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