Ladies and gentlemen, the collab that we were all waiting for is finally happening. Yes, we are talking about LAUV and LANY!

After Paul Klein announced yesterday that a new song by LANY is coming out, we didn’t expect it to be a collab at all. In fact, we actually thought that they were going to release the studio version of ‘Would You’ already. But as it turns out, what’s arriving even better. Because the LANY and LAUV collab has finally happened and it’s coming soon!

This is terrific news and we just can’t contain our excitement! Can you?

What we know about the LAUV x LANY collaboration

It has been a long time since the two artists have confirmed that a collab is totally happening. So since last September, the fans have been tirelessly waiting. Finally on November 12, which just happens to be today, LAUV and LANY both tweeted about their upcoming song.

What we know about the product of their collab: their song is titled ‘mean it‘ and will come out two days from now. So you know what to do, people–mark your frickin’ calendars!

Check the announcements from the solo artist LAUV, and the indie pop band LANY below.

Of course, because of this, you can surely guess what happened next. Their fans went wild and were totally ecstatic about the news. Look at some tweets of fans of both artists below.

Honestly, we can relate to this feeling. Ugh, we can’t wait for November 14 to come!

Are you excited to hear the product of LAUV and LANY’s collaboration too? How do you think ‘mean it’ will sound like? Let us know your thoughts by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.