Ex Battalion is trending again! The local hiphop group proves that they’re not just a one-time hit with a new song trending on YouTube. The Ex Battalion new song is still on the top 5 trending videos on the video-sharing website after they dropped the music video last August 31, 2018.

Since then, this Ex Battalion new song has amassed over a million views on YouTube alone. SingSing, their latest single is also the official soundtrack of the 2018 movie Abay Babes, and stars the lead actresses in the video.

The song talks about the lead characters of the film, and how they are all connected to the song’s title, SingSing.

Below is a gist of what the boys of ExB are talking about, through the movie’s characters.

Nathalie Hart’s Character

Esmeralda seems to be the luckiest in the group, and taht’s also how she portrays herself to be. After all, her character plays brides and onscreen. She’s a celebrity! She should onviously be very happy. Right? Well, if you listen to Ex Battalion’s lyrics closely, you may want to think twice.

Kristine Reyes’ Character

A doctor of medicine, Ruby seems like another very lucky and accomplished character in terms of her career. But Ex Battalion’s lyrics reveals something about her that isΒ  opposite to a charmed life. Check the video again to see what we’re talking about here.

Kylie Verzosa’s Character

Miss International 2016 herself plays a character in the story who doesn’t only exude beauty outside, but also within. And as the song goes, “Binalutan at mukha na lang niya ang pwedeng makita.” Find out why when you watch Ex Battalion’s video.

Meg Imperial’s Character

Another actress with a beautiful face and body, Meg Imperial’s character has a distinct story from the others because of her identity. An identity that makes her the closest friend of the next character.

Roxanne Barcelo’s Character

Very different from her photo above, Roxanne’s character is the most ‘unconventional’ in the movie. But out of all the women above, she’s the only one who finally got the most coveted ‘SingSing’ in the film.

This Ex Battalion new song ‘SingSing’ says so much about the film’s story, and we love how the members of the Ex Battalion gives each character their own time to shine in the song. Just like what we believe in, they let each character U do U.