A kids dance crew is just adorable. Kids got this charisma even when they’re not doing anything at all and when they do, they certainly steal the show. The Electrokidz from the first elimination round got into the Wild Card round for a second chance to prove that they deserve a spot in the Grand Finals. Last week, Squad Team Cool Kidz Crew Junior from Pasig City got their ticket straight to the competition’s much awaited closure.

These kids aren’t new to competing at all. They had already won in several competitions namely Hype Philippines Junior division and Battleground Philippines Kids division where they both won 1st runner-up. They were the champion for Domination Philippines Minions/Junior Division, Wowowin’s Dubidapdap Kiddie Challenge. According to this crew, they dance to provide entertainment and inspiration with their talent and passion as young dancers. Everyone agrees that they do provide entertainment. The kids not only won the elimination round, but they also won the crowd over by being natural performers.

For this week’s All The Way Up round three, two new kids dance crews are all set to steal the URBNQC floor. First off, this competition’s got the Little Warriors to boast their moves. The crew also got their background packed with awards like the other competitors. They were proclaimed as champions in the BeastMode Youth Division. They placed second at the BattleGrounds Philippines and Domination Philippines Minions Division. Internationally, the crew was a finalist for the UDO Dance Championship in China. They also represented the country at the World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2018 and Domination International both of which were held in Australia.

Aside from the Little Warriors, the Addlib Beta Crew joins the All The Way Up round three’s floor. Established in 2013, this crew had also been joining various competitions and this time they’re ready to take on the All The Way Up Dance Competition.

Will this batch of kids dance crews make it to the Grand Finals? Find out this Friday at All The Way Up round three. Take your excitement down at URBNQC and witness more of the All The Way Up Dance Competition. Don’t forget to follow the Afterparty Facebook page for updates and news on your favourite crews. See you there folks!