Keanu Reeves in Marvel’s ‘The Eternal’? Sounds like a cool idea!

We don’t want to speak too soon, but rumors are spreading that Keanu Reeves is being sought for a role in Marvel’s upcoming film ‘The Eternals’, and we’re all liking the idea! I mean, Keanu Reeves in line with the MCU’s different amazing actors… who could ask for more! Here’s why we think Keanu Reeves is a perfect choice for Marvel.

He’s got the physique

When we talk about physically attractive men in the industry, Keanu Reeves doesn’t fall too far down the list. This being said, we think that Keanu would be a perfect addition to the already great MCU lineup of good-looking men. We’re not sure which role he will play in the movie, but we do know that if he’s going to play the lead role, he’s a perfect choice.

He’s got the talent

A lot of us couldn’t get his ‘John Wick’ performance off our heads from the first movie to the third. It seems he has melted into the role. Now, when we think John Wick, we think Keanu Reeves. In conclusion, it only proves his versatility as an actor. Whichever role he lands on with Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’, we’re pretty sure he’d be one to give the role some justice.

The Marvel Mystery

As always, Marvel Studios like to keep their films a mystery before releasing them. What we do know is that a movie called ‘The Eternals’ is in the making. However, we don’t have any idea what it’s going to be about yet. But that’s okay, we knew nothing about ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’, too, or ‘Iron Man’, per se, but they turned out to be really great films that we all loved. This being said, we couldn’t be more excited about ‘The Eternals’! It will extend the cosmic side of the MCU and with Keanu Reeve’s name tagging on it, we can already expect something great.

Not to burst your bubble, though, nothing is final yet. It is said that the parties are still undergoing negotiations. We just really do hope that Keanu takes the role if offered!

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