JYP Entertainment recently released a statement regarding the health of TWICE’s Mina who took a temporary hiatus from regular activities in 2019.

In case you missed it, TWICE just finally performed ‘Feel Special‘ onstage as a complete nine-member group during their TWICELIGHTS fan meet in Fukuoka, Japan. Of course, our OT9 hearts are happy just from seeing Mina completing the group!  

If you haven’t seen it yet though, check the tweet from TWICE’s official Twitter account below.

After the Japanese idol’s temporary hiatus in 2019 because of health reasons, we really missed seeing TWICE’s Mina perform, more especially because she wasn’t able to join their promotions for “Feel Special”. It was also really obvious that the other eight members missed her terribly too.

Now, she is back and as a part of ONCE – the collective name for people who stan TWICE – we are just really excited and emotionally thrilled for the group! Really, they made us all feel special just by performing it all together. Pun intended but also, we’re just really happy for Mina too.

As some tweets of fans say, this is the moment we have all been waiting for!

Welcome back, Mina!

Now when we heard the thrilling news of her performing back on stage, the question we immediately thought of was: is Mina feeling better now? After all, the whole point of her hiatus was to prioritize her health. As fans, we just wouldn’t want her to be at risk too.

But now that she joined the fan meet activity with the other eight girls, can we expect to see more of Mina soon?

Through a statement released yesterday, JYP Entertainment answers with a yes. According to a representative of the entertainment company, Mina’s condition has stabilized a lot. Moreover, they – along with the rest of TWICE’s members – will continue to look after Mina’s health. She is expected to slowly join the group’s official schedule but of course, her health remains a top priority.

Just learning about this news makes us happy that finally, Mina is doing a lot better. Hwaiting, Minari!

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