Julia Barretto and Tony Labrusca teased us that they will be doing intimate scenes for their upcoming series ‘I AM U’. And we can’t wait!

Yes, you heard it right! Julia Barretto and Tony Labrusca will be doing some intimate scenes for their upcoming series on iWant called ‘I AM U’. Director  Dwein Baltazar told to expect some daring scenes coming from them.

Intimate scenes–well–are nothing new to Tony Labrusca. You might remember his hot kissing scene with co-star, Angel Aquino, in ‘Glorious’. On the other hand, this will be the first project Julia will have some daring moments. Another thing to note is we will get to see Julia’s first on-screen kiss!

Despite this, Julia said: “I’m sure that I’ll be guided, most importantly because I’m going to be with you [Tony].” “We’re actors. Whatever the script needs para gumanda ‘yung storya, we need to commit to it,” she added.

If you’re wondering what ‘I AM U’ is about, it will revolve on two teens and their love story throughout high school until college. In the 8-part online series, Julia will play the leading lady while Labrusca will play the high school boyfriend of Julia.

Catch the full interview here:

Julia & Tony

In an interview, Tony admitted it’s his dream come true to be able to work with Julia.

“Two years ago, the bosses asked me who I want to work with and I told them I wanted to work with Julia. I already told her this in private na. So I’m just excited to work on this project,” Labrusca shared. “Super blessed.”

While Julia also feels the same way:

“I am also excited to work with Tony because the bosses would always tell me kapag may meeting ako na Tony would always mention that he want to work with me. And I told the bosses, please give us something to work on because we might be able to offer something different. So I got really excited when they brought up his name for ‘I AM U,'” she said.

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We can’t wait for ‘I AM U’ and if you’re feeling the same way, make sure to head right over to iWant where ‘I AM U’ will be aired exclusively very soon!

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