FEATURES: Julia Barretto teases new zombie movie

Julia Barretto just shared our first look into her upcoming film, Block Z!

Yup, we’re having a Filipino zombie movie. This is a first! And we couldn’t be more thrilled. Julia Barretto just dropped the first teaser photos for her upcoming movie with Joshua Garcia entitled Block Z in a post on Twitter.

I have to say, these photos look sick! The photos show Ina Raymundo as a zombie and four students (Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Maris Racal, and McCoy De Leon) who will try to help each other survive a viral outbreak in a quarantined university.


If memory serves me right, this is going to be the first time (ever) that JoshLia is going to be starring in a horror-thriller, most of their films were romance-dramas. We love the “kilig” factor that these two bring us, especially with Joshua’s quirkiness and Julia’s versatility on screen. Joshua has even been labeled ‘the new John Lloyd Cruz’ (I assume a lot of pressure comes out of that label) because of his great acting skills and his ability to make us all cry when he wants to. They’re great actors in romcoms but it appears they want to show us that they can do more than that. This being said, we can’t say we’re not expecting some romantic moments in the film too, and (since zombie attacks always mean life and death scenarios) some drama with it.

Also, this is the first ever Filipino movie that will deal with zombies, and to be honest, we can’t be more excited to see how the film will go. We have a lot of horror movies, yes, but dealing with zombies is a huge upstep when it comes to special effects and prosthetics. And don’t you agree that it takes a whole new level of acting to portray a zombie? Awkward movements, gory appearance, with you saliva coming out of your mouth to make it realistic that you’re so hungry for human flesh (or brains). With this said, we are really looking forward to how the film would turn out.


With all the hype going on, our expectations couldn’t be higher! Director Mikhael Red teased that while these photos look absolutely superb, they are just getting started. The ‘Birdbox’ director also shared that this is an exciting project to film because they have no baseline for it. It’s all new. Will it be good? I guess we’ll just have to see for ourselves!

However, no official release date has been stated, so I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned! Are you as excited about this upcoming film as we are? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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