No, we’re not joking, the ‘Joker’ premiere at the Venice Film Festival got an eight-minute standing ovation! Wow, their hands must’ve been sore from all that clapping!

So Todd Philips’ ‘Joker‘ premiered at the Venice Film Festival last weekend. And received A FULL EIGHT-MINUTE STANDING OVATION. Wow! And we thought being sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to took forever! Can you imagine, how great this film must be to have people standing and clapping for eight whole minutes? So, people have been saying that the film industry is running out of superheroes to make movies out of, LOL. And that it’s now time for the villains to take the spotlight. Enter: ‘Joker’.



Is there a supervillain out there with a more iconic hairstyle and signature laugh than the Joker? We don’t think so! Of course, the ‘Joker’ isn’t the first supervillain/anti-hero film out there. We’ve got ‘Venom’, ‘Suicide Squad’, and ‘Deadpool’ to name a few. But it is the first with the most dramatic take. And you can totally tell from the trailer. So if you haven’t seen it just yet, you can watch it here below:

So the film tells the tale of Arthur Fleck, the tale of the man before the ruthless psychopath we know today as the Joker. It is a cautionary tale that features mental illness, social unrest, and urban decay. The film is held in such high regard by most critics that there are even talks of awards. Even though the film hasn’t even been officially released yet.

 ‘Joker’ at the Venice Film Festival

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Lead actor Joaquin Phoenix was present at the Venice Film Festival in Lido, Italy. And he was joined by director Todd Philips as well as Zazie Beetz, who plays Phoenix’s neighbor. But unfortunately, Robert De Niro, who plays as a talk-show host in the film, was unable to make it. Well, he definitely missed out on all the applause. Not that Robert De Niro needed any more anyway! It’s also important to note that Joaquin Phoenix talked about how he attacked the role of the Joker. Saying how he did not take reference from older Joker’s, like Heath Ledger’s. And instead took it upon himself to approach the role in his own way.

We absolutely cannot wait for ‘Joker’ to hit local cinemas! The ‘Joker’ is set to release on October 4! So make sure to catch this never-before-seen rendition of Batman’s arch-nemesis, and learn of his troubled beginnings.

What do you expect from the new ‘Joker’ film? Do you think you’ll be giving it a standing ovation as well? Share with us your thoughts in the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.