After roughly 9 months of marriage, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are now expecting a baby! Ugh, these two are just really “relationship goals”.

If there is another celebrity couple that we totally adore, it would be Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. With their fantasy-like love story and their lowkey yet adorable display of affection towards each other, we are really loving their relationship. Also, remember their uberly-awesome reaction photos to the paparazzi?

Now, it seems like they are taking their commitment to each other on a higher level.

Recently announcing their exciting news, it seems like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are going to be parents soon. Yes, Sophie Turner is pregnant! Before we know it, they are going to have a cute baby which, assumingly, will be talented and good-looking.

But if we are excited, imagine how Joe and Sophie must feel right now. Congratulations to the happy couple!

They are pregnant!

With the news that Sophie Turner is currently bearing, a lot of other celebrities and fans have also expressed their positive greetings. Just check out some tweets of ecstatic netizens below.

What do you think of this article? Like us, are you also thrilled for the couple? And this may not really be our business, but do you have any cute baby names that you might want to recommend to the expecting parents?

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