What better way to celebrate an artist’s 20th birthday than dropping a Jaden Smith new album? Nothing. Last July 9, the actor and rapper released SYRE: The Electric Album exclusively on his instagram page via IGTV. The album is a retake of 5 tracks from his 2017 SYRE which reached no. 24 on the Billboard 200 during the same year.

The Jaden Smith new album cover art is composed of two photos: one is of a white fence with a trail sign and another of (most likely) Smith’s foot stepping on guitar pedals. The artwork is also posted on his Instagram account.

SYRE: The Electric Album Out Now

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Six instagram posts complete the initially exclusive launch of the Jaden Smith new album on instagram. The video posts were primarily snippets of the reworked songs accompanied by visuals of Smith and other random objects floating with an aesthetically-pleasing pink sky backdrop set on some suburban hills.

The young rapper took it to twitter to briefly explain the undeniably pleasing videos.

Fortunately, three days later on July 12, fans were finally able to fully satisfy their ears as the full version of Jaden Smith new album was released on Apple Music and Spotify for streaming. You can give the electric version of the 2017 tracks a listen below.

Well, that’s Jaden Smith for you, starting a unique way to release an album. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!