Maine and Carlo are really maintaining the tension for their upcoming film! Because they just released a new scene drop for ‘Isa Pa With Feelings’!

Carlo Aquino and Maine Mendoza’s upcoming film ‘Isa Pa With Feelings‘ has already dropped a short teaser, a trailer, and now a new scene drop! They’re really maintaining the tension with this new film. And by now it really does make sense, because how thrilling to have a lot of things unsaid. And well, of course, it helps because Carlo plays a deaf person in this. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here:

Did you see how Carlo was looking at Maine?

Full disclosure, I watched this clip more than I probably should have! But in my defense, just look at how Carlo looks at Maine!


And then he goes and smiles like this??


How do you expect our hearts to not explode out of kilig, Carlo?

We’re absolutely loving this short snippet from the film, where Carlo is teaching Maine sign language. Especially where he teaches her the sign language equivalent for “manyak.” It was just so funny!

Isa Pa With Feelings

So just a little recap on Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino’s upcoming film. The film centers on two people Mara (Maine Mendoza) and Gali (Carlo Aquino). Gali is a deaf person, who turns out to be Mara’s sign language teacher. As to why Mara wants to learn sign language is yet to be known. And they also turn out be neighbors, which they find out in such an awkward encounter. As Mara was dancing on her porch, Gali spots her and they smile at each other. *dies of kilig* And in a very sensual dancing scene, it looks like Mara is some sort of dancer or just that dancing is her hobby. There are so many questions!

I guess we’ll just wait when the film comes out. And this new scene drop for ‘Isa Pa With Feelings’ will have to do for now. So don’t forget that it comes out on October 16th! We have a really good feeling that this film is way better than it’s trailers and teasers.

Did this new scene drop excite you more for the film? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.