Recently, SB19 did nothing but ‘Go Up’ and for all the right reasons! Iñigo Pascual likewise agrees.

If you aren’t aware of it yet, six days ago on October 1, singer-actor Iñigo Pascual uploaded a reaction video on his YouTube channel. Amusingly, he reacted to the performances of the hottest rising P-pop boy band, SB19.

What’s amazing with Iñigo’s video is the fact that he is one of the artists that SB19 wants to collaborate with as a group. The other one being some of their members’ girl crush, Sarah Geronimo

As the group explains in an interview, they want to collaborate with someone who sings and dances too – things which we all know Iñigo excels in. That is why his reaction video is surely a big thing for SB19, and we are all freaking excited for them!

Watch Iñigo react to SB19 and their performances on his video below.

Iñigo is shookt

In his video, Iñigo first reacted to SB19’s dance performance for ‘Go Up’. While watching, Iñigo can’t help but show his amazement for the group. He would also often remark on how they strictly keep their spacing even while dancing. Funnily enough, he also mentions that Justin of SB19 looks like Jungkook of BTS and even DK from SEVENTEEN.

By the end of it, he said nothing but praises for SB19. Iñigo also said some important points about the group as he commends that they are really making an impact on the Philippine music industry. As he says, “they are gonna go up”.

Iñigo's shookt reaction to SB19's performance

Iñigo’s shookt reaction to Stell of SB19’s high note in their cover of Idol by BTS 

After that, he continued to watch other performances of SB19, specifically their covers of BTS‘s Boy With Luv and Idol. To these, he is really entertained because Iñigo also happens to be a fan of K-pop.

A collaboration on the works?

The day after Iñigo posted that video, he added a comment that caught everyone off guard.Iñigo Pascual's comment on his YouTube video

There weren’t any confirmed news about this yet, but this comment obviously hints about a collaboration on the works between Iñigo and SB19.

We are so stoked for these artists because this is honestly a collaboration that everyone should look forward to! Whatever they create together, we are sure that it will be amazing. So please happen soon, #INIGOxSB19.

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