With Liam breaking his silence and Miley Cyrus’ new song called ‘Slide Away’, is their love story really officially at an end?

News of the celebrity couple’s breakup started to generate buzz on August 11, and not shortly after pictures of Miley making out with Kaitlyn Carter circulated on the web. Which was then followed by an official announcement on Liam Hemsworth’s Instagram that they were indeed broken up. Is the release of Miley’s new song the signal to the end of their 8-month marriage?

Reasons confirmed

Miley posted this photo on August 12, a day after their breakup. In her new song ‘Slide Away’ Miley sings, 

“I want my house in the hills, don’t want the whiskey and pills.” 

Which is the closest we’ll probably get to a direct explanation as to why they really broke up. Apparently, Miley has been focusing a lot on her career and is focused on creating new music. While Liam was still out partying. Seems like Miley has officially adulted. So maybe it’s time Liam kept up? We get you, Miley! Having a partner that doesn’t align with your goals can put a strain on the relationship. 

There’s still hope

But don’t start mourning for them just yet! Hopefully, they won’t be filing for divorce anytime soon. Not if their families had a say about it. It has been reported that both their families have advised them to pause and think. And reminded them that their relationship has had quite a few road bumps in the past, only to still end up together.

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That they should take a breath and think about what they both want before making any final decisions. I mean, a 10-year romance as moonstruck as this wouldn’t end this way, right? 

Move on, we’re not 17

It’s only natural as people to grow and change. And it’s difficult when you’re just not in the same place as someone you love. So if you’re not growing together as a couple, does it mean you should call it quits?

Listen to Miley’s new song ‘Slide Away’ now!

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