Is our favourite animated-real world cross-over movie, Enchanted, really getting a sequel?

Enchanted was the perfect movie for a little kid who loves both cartoons and fairytales. Hands down, we can say that this film executed the most ambitious cross-over between animated and live action worlds to go with a massive fairytale spin-off! And if you’re like us who have been waiting for news about the movie’s sequel, your wishes on a star may be coming true soon!

Speculations about the film’s sequel have been going on for a long time since it was released 12 years ago. Can you believe that it’s already been 12 years?! Well, Disney might be giving us answers soon!


Enchanted was the substance of dreams. With it being based on a fairytale-like setting in the animated world of Andalasia, it appeals to people of all ages. Youngsters could have the fun of watching Giselle quest to return home when she was sent to the real world, but at the same time, the film also tackles sensitive topics like single-parenthood and the less than perfect life in the city. This being said, it is unarguable that ‘Enchanted’ crosses the realms of fantasy and the cruel world of reality in more effective ways than one. We are now closer to it getting the sequel it deserves!


Skyler Shuler, the editor of DisInsider, teased a photo through Twitter of what appears to be the logo for the film’s sequel called ‘Disenchanted’. We’re all for the quirky wordplay on naming the sequel as such. But on top of that, we’re also excited to see the movie! Skyler captioned the tweet by saying, “The long in development Enchanted sequel may finally be moving forward. We should get an update soon!” We do hope so. The kids in us couldn’t wait to see what happened after Giselle found her real true love’s kiss!

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but Skyler Schuler has a reputation of giving us credible insider scoops about Disney movies. Nonetheless, we still hope the news is true! We have been waiting for a long 12 years after all. I think it’s about time!

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