Before you have a heart attack with the question “Is Dylan Wang visiting the Philippines?”—we’ll get to the answer already! YES! YES, EVERYONE! This is not a drill!

Filipino fans of Meteor Garden got all crazy when the question of “Is Dylang Wang visiting the Philippines?” circulated the internet universe. We know we did! Because hello at Bench! Why tease us so much with your Instagram post? Our hearts couldn’t take it!

If you first got the confirmation that Dylan Wang is coming to Manila, then you were lucky you didn’t get frustrated as hell with this Instagram video teaser!

Well okay. The teaser is pretty obvious! But come on, our hearts couldn’t take it until we got a confirmation, right? We sure were shrieking as hell!

Bench PH clothing line is known to bringing us our favorite international celebrities and endorsing their brand. Jerry Yan who played Dao Ming Si of the first version of ‘Meteor Garden’ was part of the “Global Benchsetters” and even Lee Min Ho who played the same character in the Korean remake ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

And we’re loving that Dylan Wang will be a part of this #GlobalBENCHSettter as he confirms that he really is the man behind the Bench PH teaser!

Dylan Wang reposted the teaser on his Instagram account with letter B emoji and the Philippine flag!

Dylan Wang

Fans of Meteor Garden already know who Dylan Wang is. This sexy stunner plays the bad boy leader of F4, Dao Ming Si, in the 2018 remake of our favorite Meteor Garden. This Chinese actor definitely wowed and swooned us with his gorgeousness! Don’t you agree? Because we swear we can’t stop blushing while watching their hit show! Gaaahhhhhddddd.

Truth be told, we were quite nervous on the outcome of the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden. Because come on, guys! Jerry Yan was certainly the bomb. But, Dylan Wang gave justice to our favorite character Dao Ming Si! No wonder we can’t contain our hormones as we wait for him to visit the country!

And to give you intense kiligzzzz even more, join us as we grin from ear to ear with this video of Dylan being cute during the set of Meteor Garden!

We know, we know. You can’t wait for the full details of his arrival. But calm down y’all! We’ll be seeing this cutie soon! #BenchIsF4ever

Is Dylan Wang visiting the Philippines? Yep! Are you excited as much as we are? Tell us all about it in the comment section below or send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUP. We’d love to gush about this Chinese cutie with you!