Valentine’s is one sleep away and there’s a good chance you probably forgot to get your significant other a gift. With these indie tracks on your mixtape (or playlist, whatever floats your boat), your SO won’t even realize it was a last-minute gift!

“The Moon Song” – Karen O & Ezra Koenig

Originally a solo song for Spike Jonze’s film “Her”, Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig lent his vocals to create an even dreamier version of the track. “The Moon Song” is tender, affectionate, and will make you weak in the knees.

“Livewire” – Oh Wonder

Anthony West & Josephine Vander Gucht captures the essence of togetherness in a relationship with “Livewire”. “Everyone goes through dark days, and we all occasionally need a helping hand from someone to pull us back into the beauty of life,” the duo explained. Hold your SO’s hand while you’re on the road when you listen to this song–we promise you won’t regret it.

“Glass in the Park” – Alex Turner

You gotta admit, Alex Turner is as smooth as they come. “Glass in the Park” is one of the Arctic Monkeys frontman’s most romantic songs and is featured on his solo album, which also happens to be the soundtrack to Richard Ayoade’s directorial debut “Submarine”. Turner sings of devotion to his lucky lady, “And when you say that you need me tonight, I can’t keep my feelings in disguise; the white parts of my eyeballs illuminate.”

“Weirdo” – The Vaccines

Justin Young narrates an apology on their track “Weirdo”. He calls himself out on being moody, unkind, and distant among other things throughout the entire song, but his point remains the same in the chorus. He loves his SO, he doesn’t want to let it go, and he’s not a weirdo despite all his flaws. There’s just something about a man who can be honest with his imperfections, amirite?

“Awkward” – FIDLAR

If you haven’t gotten around to telling your future(?) SO how you really feel, try skate punk band FIDLAR’s cumbersome confession. Zac Carper details his worries in admitting his hidden feelings, with his main concern being, “I’ll probably end up fucking up and make it super awkward,” something we’re sure everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. Our advice? Just go for it. You won’t lose anything!

“When I’m With You” – Best Coast

Acoustic songs too mushy for you? Try Best Coast on for size. A proud SoCal native, “When I’m With You” is basically the sunny California weather turned into a song. The lyrics are repetitive, yes, but the simplicity of Bethany Cosentino’s songwriting proves that you don’t always need to sound profound in order to show affection. Sometimes, a simple “I hate sleeping alone” will do the trick.

“Campus” – Vampire Weekend

Undeniably one of the most underrated songs from Vampire Weekend’s eponymous debut album, “Campus” was written by ex-member Rostam Batmanglij. He confirmed in a Reddit AMA that the song was in fact about “unrequited love… and longing,” as he tries to disguise his true feelings for the other person after spending the night together. Yikes, we’ve all been there.

“We’re Going to Be Friends” – The White Stripes

The track revolves around a budding friendship between two schoolchildren, but it’s also a great trope to describe a blooming relationship. Its acoustic nature evokes a nostalgic vibe of a new school year, much like the excitement we feel when first entering a relationship. Jack White chronicles the innocence of his and Suzy Lee’s everyday doings, and the closing verse of looking forward to tomorrow makes the whole song even more endearing.

“It’s You” – Robert Schwartzman

Who knew Michael Moscovitz from “The Princess Diaries” was an actual musician? Schwartzman scored the 2013 film “Palo Alto” alongside Devonte Hynes of Blood Orange, adding his original track “It’s You” on the album. The track sounds like a hazy dream but there’s definitely a tang of melancholy swirling around the sky. Even with the taste of bitterness in his mouth, he’s confident that it will always come back to ‘you’, whoever that may be.

“Sweet Dreams, TN” – The Last Shadow Puppets

Don’t hate us for adding another Alex Turner-written track on the list. In fact, you’ll thank us for adding this last choice. He can make anyone swoon without needing to say the word ‘love’ and when you add his suave voice and beautiful facial features, it’s a total knockout. The frontman admits that he’s completely head over heels with his friends corroborating his newfound infatuation. If Alex Turner calls you “The first day of spring with a septum piercing,” how can you not fall in love?

Go out and buy your significant other a nice bottle of wine and some cheese, blast the playlist on speaker, and have a wonderful Valentine’s celebration. You can thank us later.

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