“Step. Into. Your dreams.” The trailer for the first ever Filipino dance musical, ‘Indak’, is finally here!

Having previously released only a 27-second teaser for the film, Viva had us all excited over ‘Indak’! This going to be the first-ever dance musical to be made here in the Philippines! And now, we finally get a glimpse on the plot and what the film would be about, which only makes us even more excited! Check out the official trailer now!


The Tagalog word “indak” literally translates to the words “groove” or “dance”. In the movie’s plot, ‘Indak’ is in the name of the dance company that is convincing Jen, an island girl played by Nadine Lustre, to join the crew and fulfill her dreams of dancing on the world stage.

At first, she is confronted by her inhibitions and fears of making mistakes. But, you know, that’s part of dancing. It’s also part of most things in life, and it’s a fear she had to let go upon signing herself into Indak Pinas to join a competition in Korea. But as she embraces dancing and fulfills her dreams, she is reminded not to forget her roots and who she truly is.

Throughout the journey, Sam Concepcion‘s character, Vin, helped her. We do not know yet whether they are love interests in the film since the trailer did not show anything like it. We think that this film is more likely to be about dreams, reaching them, and staying true to yourself.

Perfect casting

Viva Production cast their characters perfectly. Some might argue that Nadine isn’t the best choice for a dance musical and some even suggest Yassi Pressman for it. Not a bad idea. Admittedly, there are a lot of good dancers out there, but does everybody fit the role? Of course not. An island girl who loves dancing, who else can you think about? Realistically speaking (and not just because I stan Nadine), the lead role needs to have slightly tanned skin. Because (duh) she lives on an island! Plus, I don’t think we can debate on how good of an actor Nadine Lustre is. Which brings me to how fans appreciated the acting style that can make us all root for her without even having to shed tears.

Definitely add this to your must-watch list! We would be waiting for the film in August, definitely. What are your thoughts on the ‘Indak’ trailer? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.