It’s October 3rd y’all! And we’ve been waiting all year for this, Happy Mean Girls Day everyone!

But just how well do you actually remember the movie? It’s honestly so “fetch” that ‘Mean Girls’ references are still alive today. After all, it’s been fifteen whole years since the movie came out in 2004. Imagine that, it’s like if you had a baby in 2004 they’d be full-on teenagers now. I can already hear you all boasting how well you remember the movie. Well then let’s test that shall we? And for all you unfortunate souls that have not been blessed by the iconic pop-culture phenomenon that is ‘Mean Girls’. Just sit back and enjoy this nostalgic trip down to the early 00s! So let’s start with an easy one:

Complete the sentence: “On Wednesday’s we wear: ____.”

That’s right, PINK! It’s just too bad that October 3rd falls on a Thursday this year. But that’s not gonna stop us from wearing pink today! LOL.

Next question! What is the correct response when a friend cancels on plans?

That’s right, always subject your friends to being man-crazy whores for the simplest of reasons. Just kidding! (Please don’t actually call your friends whores.)

If Glen Coco got four candy canes, how many did Gretchen Weiners get?

Yeah! None for you, Gretchen Weiners! You know, I heard her hair is so big because it’s full of secrets. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Karen is everything

You just don’t understand the joy that Karen brings me guys. It’s like if you had a dog, like a really dumb dog but you love her anyway. “Oops! Karen fell down the stairs, again! Oh, Karen!” It’s like that, you know? Amanda Seyfried really started out strong with her performance in Mean Girls. And if I were her I’d be happy to be remembered because of this film. It’s just so incredibly iconic.

So how many of these iconic Karen scenes do you remember?

Oh! Honey, we all have a fifth sense. I think you meant sixth.

Do you guys remember what her “special talent” was?

Yep! She claims that her boobs can tell when it’s raining. Erm, 30% chance of something already happening? You might wanna recalibrate your “nodes”! LOL.

And how can we forget this iconic question, “If you’re from Africa…”

See, kids, this is why y’all need to stay in school!

And since the holiday season is upon us. In every office Christmas party ever, there’s always that one group who does their own version of this:

You have been warned! We just know you’ll either be subjected to watch or participate in it. LOL.

And of course the absolute queen of call-outs: Damien!

We hope you enjoyed reminiscing with us today! But if we’re done here I need to go watch ‘Mean Girls’ now, bye!

Do you love Mean Girls as much as we do? Or are you one of those people who just can’t wait for it to die already? LOL. We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.