Shopping mall conglomerate and one of the richest man in the Philippines, Henry Sy Sr dies at 94.

Henry Sy Sr., one of the country’s wealthiest man and founder of the SM Group, passed away last Saturday, January 20, 2019, at the age of 94.

His death was announced by SM Investments Corporation. Later on, it was also confirmed by his daughter Teresita Sy-Coson. “Henry Sy Sr passed away peacefully in his sleep early Saturday morning. There are no further details at the moment”, according to the SM Group’s statement.

Henry Sy Sr. wasn’t just a shopping conglomerate in the Philippines. He was also a banking and property magnate, but also a philanthropist by heart. He was also named one of Philippines’ richest people for 11 years straight.

From a penniless Taipan immigrant in the country, he started his humble beginnings when he started a small shoe store in Manila. From 1958 up until now, his small shoe smart became 72 shopping malls. He was able to build his own empire from scratch. His rags to riches Cinderella story has been an inspiration to many.

Reactions about Henry Sy Sr.’s death

His death garnered a variety of reactions from a lot of people from different walks of life. Some thanked him for his philanthropic acts like the SM scholarship that helped a lot of students graduate college. They even quoted inspiring words of wisdom from the man himself that truly encompasses the essence of success through hard work.

On the other hand, there are people who commented on contractualization in SM never ending even with Henry Sy Sr.’s passing. Some mentioned that the legacy of contractualization still lives on, especially under the roof of his capitalist organization.

But despite these unsolicited comments, people are thankful for what he has offered and contributed to the betterment of the society. He was rich but he had contributed his fair share for charity and education. No matter what people say, Henry Sy Sr. was a man of conviction and hard work. He might have passed away but his legacy as a man who’ve helped others will live forever in their hearts. You will be missed.

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