If you are a fan of series, here’s a slice of good news for you as Mindy Kaling created a new coming -of-age series on Netflix with a new taste!


After conducting an open casting last year with over 15,000 applicants, Mindy Kaling finally decided that Maitreyi Ramakrishnan would play as ‘Devi’. She’s an Indian-American sophomore who easily gets angry that puts her in some difficult situations. Sounds like we’re witnessing our another feature mean girl, right?

With this new show created by the Office Alum, Mindy also aims to bring more Indian- American representation to the screen. Perhaps, we will be witnessing more of their culture that shares refreshing perspective about the teenagers finding themselves.

Photo By: Netflix

To tell you, Never Have I Ever will tell us more about the complicated life and of course, the struggles of a  modern generation Indian- American girl in the city. That’s definitely a tough battle, right? Being different to everyone else, especially with their  unapologetic infusion of Indian beliefs. Perhaps, we’ve seen more Korean dramas and American series on Netflix. Now, this will be a really new taste for us and somehow, to be familiarized with South Indians.

Photo By: Netflix

More, so calling all the ladies out there! Aside from heart to heart feels with our girl Devi, there will be new gents that will surely flutter our hearts! So, what are you waiting for? Share ‘Never Have I ever’ to your girl friends and find out the story of Devi on Netflix on April 27!

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