It’s final, guys! Harry Styles will release his album next month and it even coincides with Taylor Swift’s birthday!

After his brilliant masterpiece that is Lights Up, people have been waiting for the release of the new album of Harry Styles. Serving as his 2nd one after his self-titled album that came out last 2017, this upcoming sophomore album will be called ‘Fine Line‘.

Below is the Instagram post where Harry announces the date for the release of Fine Line.

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FINE LINE . THE ALBUM . DEC 13 Photo: Tim Walker

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Save the date, folks! Fine Line will be released on December 13, which also happens to be the date of Taylor Swift‘s birthday. And as we all know, the aforementioned female pop-star is an ex-girlfriend of Harry Styles.

So is this just a mere coincidence?

Haylors are at it again

Coincidence or not, people can’t help but think that there is something fishy about the chosen release date of Harry’s album. After all, Taylor is an ex of his. Although their relationship happened over 7 years ago already and only lasted for a month, we can’t just ignore the fact that the release date is a curious coincidence.

Below are some funny reactions of fans regarding this issue.

While some fans are looking at this issue on the angle of two exes, some are actually thinking that something might be cooking between the two artists.

How about you though? What do you think of the release date for Harry Styles upcoming album? Do you think it really is just a coincidence?

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