It truly is the time to discuss Halik teleserye and the issue of cheating in Philippine society. Because really now, why are we so hooked with this ABS CBN show?

You’ve heard about ‘Halik’, the drama teleserye of ABS CBN airing every weekday that got everyone bracing their seats. How the stories of Lino (Jericho Rosales), Jacky (Yen Santos), Ace (Sam Milby), and Jade (Yam Concepcion) are anticipated by the viewers every night.

Halik teleserye and the issue of cheating in Philippine society is the highlight of the TV show. Despite the many happenings in the teleserye, viewers are actually focused on the love betrayals and confrontations happening in the show.

So really now, why are Filipinos so interested and devoted in such plots, huh? We’re sure your brain is listing a lot of reasons why! But before that, let’s get an overall feel on ‘Halik’ teleserye, shall we?

Halik Teleserye

ABS CBN’s teleserye ‘Halik’ is one of their most daring and scorching show at the moment. Filled with rollercoaster happenings, ‘Halik’ is causing quite the stir amongst the Filipino audience. Because of their intense and frustrating scenes that’ll make you wanna pull your hair, you don’t really have to think through on why it’s trending!

Although ‘Halik’ teleserye is filled with a lot of other stories and occurrences, the hype is really all about cheating as Jade and Ace engage in an affair despite being committed to Lino and Jacky respectively.

The one that shook the Filipino audiences was when Lino caught Jade and Ace!

The scene had everyone at the edge of their seats because of the brutal confrontation and the emotional breakdown of Lino having seen for himself that his wife is with an affair with his enemy.

‘Halik’ teleserye invaded the social media from then on. And of course, the teleserye also had everyone talking during some girl drama! One of the many trending episodes was the one wherein Jade attacks the very kind Jacky, publicly.

Intense right? These girls truly caused such a public spectacle and I just can’t handle it! But what had everyone clapping and cheering was when Jacky finally became bold and brave and decided she’ll no longer be the damsel in distress!

How scandalous! I’m sorry, y’all! But Jade’s lack of class surely had me all stressed out, my apologies! But really tho? Huge kudos to Jacky for finally stepping up. From the sweet and dolled eyes innocent look to a phoenix rising from the ashes!

Yup. This teleserye is all about cheating, betrayal, confrontations, and embarrassing public spectacles. But now, off to the real deal. Why is it that movies and teleseryes with the plot that revolves on cheating have everyone so invested, huh?

The issue of cheating in Philippine Society

Cheating is one of the leading problems for partners, no matter if they are in a relationship or married. This prevailing cause for separation of couples is truly prominent. And of course, catering to this issue would be our movies and primetime teleseryes!


The answer is quite simple really. Shows such as ‘Halik” are matic hits because of its relatability. Filipino audiences love watching movies or teleseryes that they could relate to. And since cheating seems to be always the issue, ‘Halik’ surely gives the people what they need!

When some individuals watch a show like ‘Halik’, they always have inputs! Ranging from lines that speak of their experiences or of someone they know. People are a sucker for things that could embody what they have gone through or what they usually see.

Just like in songs, we dig those that speak of what we feel. And that’s just how it goes as well with shows and movies. Personally, my taste when it comes to entertainment varies from one genre to another. But what can really hook me is the relatability that comes with it.

Examples of other plots that a lot can relate to is the issue of best friends turning into lovers, just like the movie ‘To Love Some Buddy‘. Filipinos also got hooked with the movie ‘Exes Baggage‘ because of its in-depth story about failed relationships and trying a new love once again.

The drama!

Agree with me or not, it’s up to you! But you gotta admit that you’ve noticed how much Filipinos love the drama! When there are couples or practically anyone causing a spectacle in public, instead of stepping in to put a halt, a lot would choose to take a video instead! Am I right or am I right? 😉

And why won’t Filipino viewers tune in to ‘Halik’ teleserye when its title could either be Kabit or Public Spectacle, right? Episode after episode, this teleserye fills up the people’s need for the drama and quarrels. Really now, the episodes that are trending are all about that! Either Filipino audiences find it to be gripping or intense, or they find the drama to be hilarious. I know I’m the latter plus intense cringing all the way! Sorry ‘Halik’ fans!


Ahhhh… cheating. What else can I possibly say, right? This one has gotta be one of the toughest and most painful reason to break up. Especially if you were the one who got cheated on. Awww, I’m so sorry! No one deserves to be treated so wrongfully!

Anyways, cheating is prominent. Whether they are merely a couple or they are already married, it happens. Whether they’re both happy with each other or not, it still happens! Believe me guys, it’s confusing! Because really now, why enter a relationship if you don’t know how to settle, right?

I’ve heard a lot of reasons (or are those excuses… hmm…) on why they’ve cheated on their partners. And well, those individuals’ reasons really varies. Either way, nothing could ever justify ruining someone’s trust, self-esteem, and their idea of their self-worth. Why cheat when you can leave, huh?

No matter what, cheating, of course, will always have its consequences. And that’s what went down on this thrilling episode of ‘Halik’ when Ace and Jade’s sex video broke out.

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