Glorious Movie 2018 is what’s everyone been talking about everywhere! And we have all the juiciest deets you need right here!

Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino has been heating everyone up when the trailer of the Glorious Movie 2018 dropped. And we are telling you, it’s oh so flaming hot!

Haven’t seen the talked about trailer for this move? Well, you better brace yourselves on watching this one! Because we’re telling you, it has everyone hyped!

We told you this trailer is intense… and people are counting down the days til its release on iWant this November. And of course, we’re here to gush why this movie is heating us all up when it’s not even released yet!

Angel Aquino definitely is the new 20

“50 is the new 20,” or at least, that’s what the bold claim of this movie is. And people may agree to this statement or not, but looking at Angel Aquino… well, it doesn’t seem that wrong, right?

Angel Aquino, the lead actress for the Glorious Movie is 45 years old and is portraying a 50-year old character in the said movie. However, her looks and beauty doesn’t seem to suggest so! The oozingly sexy trailer not enough for y’all? No worries, we have Angel looking so heaven sent for you!

Angel Aquino is definitely smokin’ and doesn’t look her age! No wonder people are getting too hyped with this upcoming film, because the lead actress for it certainly is giving justice to its bold claim.

And off to another reason why Glorious Movie 2018 is the talk of town is of course because of that…

Tongue… oops. We mean, Tony Labrusca!

Actor Tony Labrusca who is only 23 years old is paired off with Angel Aquino in this hot film. And who wouldn’t be going crazy over this sexy actor when he showcased his french kissing skill in the trailer?

That tongue got everyone talking and crazy that even days after the trailer’s release, it’s still all over our feeds!

It also doesn’t help that Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino are giving us overwhelming statements in their interviews just like this one:

And really now, after this much craze with the trailer, we don’t know what’ll even happen when the movie is finally up! (Please Tony Labrusca stop blessing our timelines too much!)

Glorious’ storyline

Hottest trailer that we’ve seen in a long while, huh? But setting that aside, how about focusing on the good storyline for a change?

Glorious Movie 2018 is controversial because of the very unconventional pairing of Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino as they portray the characters of Niko (Tony) and Glory (Angel). Despite the 30 years age gap difference, the characters can’t help but engage in a relationship.

Since Glory is way older than the young Niko, people are very quick to judge on their intimate relationship. The story revolves on how Glory struggles with the reproach, negative criticisms and judgments around them, and how Niko fights for their love.

Written and directed by Concepcion Macatuno, the movie will be exclusively available on the new iWant this November 17 (Saturday).

We bet you can’t wait til this really glorious movie arrives—so while you’re at it, enjoy the sweet torture of seeing this very hot and sexy trailer all over your social media timeline.

What do you think of the Glorious Movie 2018? Are you ready for its intense story? Can’t wait to see more of Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca? We want to talk to you about this viral film! Tell us everything in the comment section below or message us on Facebook or on Twitter @UdoUph.