Otakus, be prepared because Psycho-Pass Season 3 is coming your way this October! Check out the full details here!

The promised release date of ‘Psycho-Pass Season 3’ is fast approaching this October. Well, the show has been quiet for some time now since it’s been 5 years after the last season of the cyberpunk anime. And we definitely can’t wait for it! So now, Fuji TV has us jumping up and down with ‘Psycho-Pass Season 3’ slowly taking its form! Other than that, we’re in for other surprises!

Fuji TV announced at the Anime Lineup Press Conference that the anime will be shown weekly in Japan in the Noitamina block. However, the specific date isn’t still revealed.

Still, we’ve got good news because there’s a new character making an appearance on this action-packed mystery anime.

But before anything else, get a preview of the upcoming anime here:

As for the new character, a Twitter user took it to the social media platform to grace us with this news! His name is Arata Shindou, an Inspector of the MWPSB in Division 1 and a class A mentalist.

What’s there to expect?

Picking up from where Season 2 left, we’re assuming from the poster that ‘Psycho-Pass Season 3’ will focus on the new character, Arata Shindou, and a returning character Kei Mikhail Ignatov. This third season will follow the story of these two new watchmen as they seek reform in a world governed by the sibyl system.

Are you excited? ‘Cuz we know we are! We can’t wait how the new character will play out in the movie. And even more, we can’t keep still wondering how Season 3 will go. Would it be able to live up to our expectations? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!

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