Hustling the whole internet with selling her used bath water, gamer girl Bell Delphine breaks silence and addresses all fake news!

Once again, blowing up the social media space is none other than gaming personality Bell Delphine. After announcing that she will be selling her used bath water, fans lost their minds in hastily deciding to buy that limited edition merchandise from her store front.

Bell Delphine, a 19-year old UK-based internet personality goes viral once again. Known for her gaming content, cosplays, and Patreon-supported NSFW content, she became an internet sensation all over the world at a young age. She’s quite known for her brave and bold internet stunts that gets her going viral every single time. She once promised her fans to upload NSFW videos with provoking titles in an explicit website. However, much to everyone’s disappointment, it only contained videos of Delphine trolling her fans with hilarity. But despite that, it garnered thousands of views in just a matter of days.

Gamer Girl Bath Water For Sale

And so the issue of Gamer Girl Bath Water ain’t something new to her fans. A few days ago, she announced in her Instagram account that she will be selling her used bath water. And when she says used bath water, it means the remains of the water she used for bathing and cleaning herself in her bath tub.

The Instagram post included a video showing herself scooping water from her bathtub. And yes, it’s nothing but provoking and suggestive, if you ask me. She’s selling it for $30 and warned people to be careful with it. “This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes,” she says.

According to her tweet, in just 2 days, the said bath water sold out. However, it was unclear how many people actually purchased the water. At the same time, news flooded the internet how unsafe and harmful Delphine’s water was. There was a certain hoax that circulated, stating that her bath water caused herpes. A certain twitter user, @bakerises, posted a fake headline that said “Over 50 people have reportedly contracted Herpes after drinking Instagram Star Belle Delphine’s bath water”. Which, of course, is fake.

Bell Delphine claps back

On a recent Instagram post, Delphine claims that she only mailed ONE bottled water to a buyer at the moment. Thus, debunking all the fake news about how they got herpes and such from her bottled water. She did answer to a few of them,s stating that they’re a clown if they seriously believe those kinds of claims that holds no proof at all.

And despite the numerous claims about the said bottled water, she’s still getting weird requests from fans. Some are even asking her to spit on the water or pee on it. (Ugh, really?)

It might be mean how Delphine “exploits” the large male fanbase she has. But to be totally honest, it seems satirical and funny how her stunts show how desperate her male market is. They show how content they are in objectifying women but gets offended when they became the butt of the joke just like how Delphine did. She hustled them so bad with the used bath water fetish tope that they resulted to attacking her online.

Oh well. Joke’s on them, she’s still earning lots and lots though.

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