FEATURES: Game of Thrones Season 8 ending isn’t the one we wanted but the one that everyone deserved

Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk! Game of Thrones Season 8 definitely delivered a great ending and you can’t argue with that.

Eight years. For eight long years, Game of Thrones became a pop culture everyone loved. And now it has officially ended. However, it seemed that fans aren’t quite satisfied with the ending that they’ve got.

Social media got flooded with hundreds if not thousands of complaints saying that the ending of the season finale didn’t do the whole series justice. Despite each episode of Season 8 being an hour long, six episodes seem short for a season finale. Not to mention how anticlimactic the whole season was for everyone. And the ending? Everyone got really pissed about it. Totally pissed and unsatisfied if you ask me.

However, as I try to digest every bit of the season, from episode one up until the very last, I noticed something. Something that people have ignored or haven’t noticed. That Game of Thrones never intends to please us. It never did. With this in mind, you’d notice how it perfectly ends for everyone in the story.

An ending we never wanted

For starters, I have to agree, the ending was kind of a bummer. Somehow, the people we thought who deserve everything for their struggles ended up unsuccessful. Danaerys died in the arms of Jon, who pledged his life to his Queen. Despite all the hardships she had to endure, it was all useless. She never got to be queen and reign over the kingdom that’s rightfully hers.

If you think of it, it’s Dany who deserves to get what she always pursued in life. Almost all of her life, she devoted her time, effort, and resources to grasping her rightful claim. At the same time, she had good intentions of changing the world. To break the wheel of the dynasty that chained the world to shallow and repressive ideals. That’s speaks something about herself, right? But she just dies, while she’s at the feet of the Iron Throne, the whole purpose of life within her reach.

As for Jon, well, for some of us, we’ve envisioned him to rule by Dany’s side. Or be the king somehow. But it ended badly for him. Despite her feelings for Dany, he can’t go on burdening the whole fate of the kingdom if he let Dany lay waste with fire and blood. He didn’t want Dany to spiral the same madness Aerys did. Like Master Aemon said, “Love is the death of duty / Duty is the death of love”. And if it’s for the realm’s sake, Jon has to answer to that calling. And what did it got him? Back at the Wall again, exiled. However, the good thing that might have come out from it is that he’s back together with our good boy, Ghost and Tormund.

All I can say is that it’s your typical Romeo and Juliet type of thing what happened to Dany and Jon. Neither of them got what they want. (And so did we, the viewers.) I mean, we waited for how many seasons just to see them rise and take the Iron Throne. All those build-ups for nothing. What a bummer, I know.

But an ending we definitely deserved

However, it was an ultimately satisfying ending if you ask me. Dany may have died but Drogon burned down the very epitome of the unreasonable power everyone’s fighting about. The Iron Throne. It might have seemed rushed but I think dragging the ending would have been way worse than rushing it.

Strangely, after the death of Dany and Jon’s exile, everything seems to fall into place. With Sam’s advice to make a democratic vote on who’s to be the ruler of the realm, we found a good reason that indeed, the wheel has been broken. Everything political gets to be decided by voting. No more dynasties. No more manipulation from within. It ended with the throne getting burned. And it starts over with Bran, the most logical choice to be king. Same goes for his small council. A quirky bunch, indeed.

For Sansa, her decision to separate the North from the 7 kingdoms was indeed foreshadowed from the very start. And I guess Sansa deserves being crowned as Queen in the North. She’s no longer the pesky teen we’ve known. She’s grown to a wise, brave, and bold woman who’s ready to take on the world. Thanks to Cersei, Margaery, and Dany.

On the other hand, Arya’s the lone wolf of the pack. And it seems reasonable that after all the hard work she has done, she’s off to fulfill exploring on her own. The world as her oyster.

Why it had to end like that

Because Game of Thrones taught us that sometimes there’s a much better way to resolve things. It’s not that the writers were shitty. They haven’t ruined the best series of our time. It’s supposed to end like that. Game of Thrones has taught us not to expect things. Because the world isn’t designed like that. From the very start, GoT denied us the good things we wanted. You can’t have the best of both worlds.

Not everything you see will end the way you expect it to be. Maybe we’ve expected too much from all the build-up we’ve seen for the last eight years. But it wasn’t really supposed to end like the way we wanted it to be. With Dany as Queen or Jon as King. With everybody we love alive. Life’s ain’t easy like that. For something to succeed, in order to trigger the change, we’d have to make a sacrifice. And for Game of Thrones, it’s Dany and Jon and everybody else.

So, it’s the best ending we can get. So suck it up. Because that’s life. You don’t always get what you want. But it’s fine. Somehow, it still works for everyone, right?

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