Who says DC equals darkness? They are serving us the pop of colors we need in the first poster for Wonder Woman 1984!

Today, exactly one year before Wonder Woman 1984 is intended to be showing, Patty Jenkins pleasantly surprised us with our first official peek into Diana’s full-armor suit.

Obviously, this breaks DC’s tradition for its usual dark, monochromatic, and gritty color palette. And what more, it is poppin’ with 80’s neon color vibes.

The gold armor

Fans quickly noticed this armor’s resemblance to Wonder Woman’s Golden Eagle Armour in the DC comics. And frankly, we’re all living for it! Patty Jenkins opting for a full-armor is very Diana since the character have always been known for wearing something comfy and protective to fight in. Don’t get us wrong, the first costume is definitely amazing. It was a hit and from seeing it, we couldn’t imagine Gal Gadot wearing a different set of clothes anymore. But this one is more battle-appropriate. She’s geared up this time… and in gold. What more could we ask for?

Where’s the skirt?

Who needs a miniskirt? I think we can all agree that while it was pretty, that miniskirt did nothing to help Diana fight, except maybe represent her Amazon heritage. So maybe it’s just okay that it’s not there anymore. We love that Patty Jenkins gave Wonder Woman a wardrobe more fitting of a superhero because I think that even superhero characters are highly sexualized sometimes. The armor is more true to its function. A heroine would never get cold!

I think we’re losing the headpiece here…

Although the signature ebony waved hair is still there, we’re missing the iconic headpiece now. Fashion-wise, yes, it could be a bit of an overstatement to have Wonder Woman’s body all covered up and still have it. But it’s just so Wonder Woman that we couldn’t imagine the character without it. Who knows, maybe we’ll see her wearing it in some parts of the film!

It’s still a year, so we’re going to have to wait for quite a long time. But at least we already know there’s going to be another Wonder Woman movie! Are you excited for #WW84 too? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.