There’s a free web search in Messenger, guys! This is not a drill. I repeat, Facebook Messenger has a free web search!

We’ve all experienced the need of searching the web during rough times. Or getting asked by our mom’s to search bunso’s assignment while we’re away from home without mobile data. But have no fear, Free Web Search in Messenger is here! If there’s free chat, you now also search from the web via Messenger for free!

[media-credit name=”Miko Santos” align=”alignnone” width=”464″][/media-credit]

Miko Santos is the one who created the Free Web Search in Messenger. He designed the chat bot after realizing that a lot of people rely on Free Facebook for information. Even if we send a link over Messenger or a screenshot, one cannot access the link if they don’t have mobile data. People are dependent on Facebook for their daily dose of current events. It’s like the Internet itself, but a bit personalized. The thing is, not everything on Facebook is reliable. So that’s where Free Web Search comes in.

After realizing this, Miko decided to create his own Facebook Messenger-based chatbot. Basically, it’s a simple search engine for people who don’t have mobile data or internet access. It can perform search queries outside the Free Facebook network.

Once you type in your search queries, the bot will give a list of results, all in text form. You can also use it as a text-form web browser. If you type in a link of a website, the bot will provide you the text-form of the website. It’s very useful, especially if you have limited access to the Internet.

Below you can see Miko’s screenshots on how Free Web Search in Messenger works!

Miko believes that it can help battle unreliable sources, fake news, and misleading headlines in Free Facebook. In that way, it can help prevent dissemination of false information in the Facebook community. And the best thing is, it’s free! So you can search without worrying about your load and such! He also has a step-by-step instruction in Filipino on how to read news articles using the chatbot here.

He’s set up a crowdfunding campaign for the chatbot’s maintenance costs. So if you wanna help out, it would be a great deal. Check out the crowdfunding here!

Let’s keep the “Free Web Search” Facebook Messenger Chatbot running!

This is really a game changer for those who rely on Free Facebook. No more fake news and no more clickbait! Searching via Messenger will be as easy as 1, 2 3! Thanks, Miko!

Do you rely on Free Facebook as well? We have the Free Web Search in Messenger now! No need to fret! What do you think about this chatbot? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh