Speed. Build. Rider. Can Ford win a race against a Ferrari? Let’s find out in FORD v Ferrari!

We all love Ferraris and all the luxury that the brand entails, but can a Ford come close or even beat it in a race? The 20th Century Fox Film ‘Ford V. Ferrari’ would let us know! Check out the official trailer now!

It does sound crazy if you think about it. So Christian Bale’s reaction in the trailer is quite understandable. Matt Damon’s character was tasked to build a Ford car that would send the Ferrari running for its life. But in order to do that, he has to commission one of the best racers he knew.

Ford V. Ferrari

Stylized as such, the film’s title says it all. It’s going to be a showdown between the two car brands when it comes to racing. The film which was directed by James Mangold and was written by Jez and John-Henry Butterworth and Jason Keller was based on UK’S ‘Le Mans ’66’.

With incredible shots and set, the trailer really takes us to the racing environment. Christian Bale’s character, Ken Miles, was also introduced. Carroll Shelby was convinced that in order to win the race against Ferrari, he would need something that money can’t buy, and that’s a heck of a good racer behind the steering wheel. He only knew of one person who could do it- Ken Miles.

Although mostly disliked for being difficult, Carroll has known Ken for a long time and asked him to drive the Ford. Carroll has seen it coming. When he told Ken that he wanted to build a Ford car to beat Ferrari in 90 days, the latter laughed at the thought.

Why you should watch it

We couldn’t get more excited for the film. First, because it’s Christian Bake and Matt Damon we’re talking about. Second, it involves two of the biggest car brands in the world! Also, Ferrari has been renowned worldwide for its luxury sports cars, which makes the match all the more interesting. I’m sure you know many car enthusiasts who will surely enjoy this film!

To conclude, the film is anticipated to be showing on November 15 in the US, so it couldn’t be a lot of days after that we’d get to see it!

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