After a lot of chaos in the showbiz industry recently, netizens are actually requesting for The Buzz to come back.

The Bea Alonzo vs Gerald and Julia controversy, Gretchen and Claudine vs Marjorie Baretto scuffle, the Jason Magbanua affair – all of these are ‘juicy’ issues that Filipinos want to know more about.

Let’s face it, we didn’t know the full story about those and we are a nation who loves to gossip. So because of the aforementioned concerns, some people are actually asking for The Buzz to air once again.

The Buzz: the best showbiz-oriented show

If you weren’t aware, The Buzz was a weekly entertainment news and talk show in the Philippines. It ran every Sunday from June 13, 1999 until its unexpected final episode on April 5, 2015.

The initial main hosts for the show were the iconic duo of Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino. Eventually, Toni Gonzaga was added to the roster.

The Buzz logo

One of The Buzz’s logos over the years

The Buzz is famous for the way they tackle showbiz gossip – head on with no extra bullsh*t. They always dish out the latest and hottest exclusives then usually leaves the hosts to talk about it.

Every Sunday, families watched it to get updated about showbiz arguments and more controversies. Breakups, fights, drama – The Buzz was always there for it. So when the final episode was aired with the hosts saying goodbye to their audiences, people were shocked to their core.

So now… why do people want it back?

Something to talk about

With issues coming out from here and there, people can’t help but to flock to social media to get more opinions on what’s happening. Usually, netizens look at those with a large following (or influencers) and take in their say on the issues.

However, we can’t deny that gossip is not inherently good to do. Moreover, it is usually just done within small groups or within families, in contrary to social media where almost everyone can read your thoughts.

In our opinion, that’s what makes The Buzz necessary for people. The masses want an authority to listen to – someone who will weigh in on the issues and actually draw some to a conclusion. Plus, people want visual drama. Talking on Twitter to have a discourse is good, but where’s the slapping at?

What’s more is that somehow, The Buzz can connect families and friends. As we said, gossiping is bad, but when you talk about celebrities who may have no idea you even exist, it is somehow a way of connecting to your circle.

But… now we have social media. So with The Buzz gone and the gossip somehow transferring onto the internet, big people actually have more chances to see your opinions about them. And that is another problem in itself.

What’s the point?

So I guess what we are really saying is, it would be nice for The Buzz to come back. If not The Buzz, maybe something similar.  Because when people are given answers to problems which they aren’t even involved in, somehow they are distracted from the struggles in their own lives.

Plus maybe if the show comes back, showbiz issues would actually die a lot faster than it does on social media and more could pay attention to the bigger problems.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to settle with Tonight with Boy Abunda.

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