Theatre fans, rejoice! Filipino romance musical ‘Mula sa Buwan’ is now set to appear on the big screen.

The Filipino romance musical ‘Mula sa Buwan’ is now ready for a movie adaptation. After a Facebook announcement on September 15 by creator and director Pat Valera, we just can’t contain our excitement for the musical to appear on the big screen! We are sure that a lot of fans are losing their minds too.

Photo from Facebook page of Mula sa Buwan

On September 13 to 15, Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) ran their very first Project Market. This event allowed creators to pitch their projects to industry professionals, both local and international.

The team behind ‘Mula sa Buwan’ participated in the Project Market and was able to win post-production grants from Central Digital Lab, Wildsound Studios and EDGE Manila Creatives Corporation. Wowie!

Love and defiance

Pat Valera and William Elvin Manzano wrote ‘Mula sa Buwan’ and obviously didn’t hold back with their wonderful creativity. 18th-century play ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ is the inspiration for the story.

‘Mula sa Buwan’ follows the life of the young cadet Cyrano and his love for his childhood friend, Roxane. Set in the early 1940’s, the musical takes place just before the start of the World War II. The musical features pop-rock and kundiman themed songs which will keep you on the verge of tears because of how they are beautifully written and sung.

We are very sure that when the musical comes to life on the big screen, audiences would be stunned. They would also laugh, and cry, and feel many more emotions with ‘Mula sa Buwan’.

Alberto ‘Treb’ Monteras II, the director of 2017 Best Cinemalaya Film ‘Respeto’, will direct the upcoming film.

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