Netflix’s K-drama ‘Vagabond’ features a Filipino alcohol staple and it had us all laughing!

Out of all the hundreds of Filipino items to get featured in an international series, who would’ve thought it had to be the one and only San Miguel gin? Well, this iconic gin bulag made its appearance in episode 7 of the Netflix original K-drama, ‘Vagabond’!


In this series, we get to see Bae Suzy’s character, Go Hae Ri, sitting in front of a computer desk while enjoying the company of an unlikely friend a.ka. gin. Ang aga-aga Suzy!  Furthermore, what had us even more laughing is that she paired it with another original Filipino item called pandesal.

And of course, with Filipinos having the innate trait of making a joke out of everything, they had to take a moment and cherish this weird but hilarious moment!


We just can’t get over how ‘Vagabond’ has made it possible to put these VERY different items into a somewhat hearty meal for Go Hae Ri! What a way to start your day, am I right?

And in case you haven’t seen ‘Vagabond’ yet, here’s the trailer:

‘Vagabond’ is a K-drama to watch out for because it includes an all-star cast with Bae Suzy, Lee Seung-gi, and Shin Sung-rok. Follow the story of a stuntman unexpectedly involved in a national corruption scandal after a tragic airplane crash.

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