Animes are not just for kids. We Pinoys have been a fan of animes primarily made by Japan. But how does a Pinoy-made anime sound?

Animes always seem to excite us Pinoys. Most of us grew up watching Tagalog-dubbed versions of the animes that they show in Philippine television. To this day, still many Filipinos are drawn to anime, young and old. Japanese anime is cool, but it’s about time we try and create our own. Seems like the heavens agree because ‘Kamagong’ a Pinoy-made anime is about to be released this year!

Made by only the best

We are very excited about this anime, and we’ll tell you why. This is actually based on a Carlo J. Caparas comic!

Carlo J. Caparas is arguably one of the best artists this country has had. He is behind several iconic characters like Panday, Gagambino, Bakekang, Joaquin Bordado, and many more. A brilliant fictional writer turned movie producer, the government hailed Carlo as one of the Philippine National Artists of 2009. The point is, we just have to admit that if it’s from Carlo J. Caparas, it must be something good and fresh. The guy seems to never run out of creativity!

On top of this, the series would be brought to life by none other than Sinag Animation studios, the same one that would bring us ‘Sepak Takraw’ this year (look out for that!).


You might be wondering what the story would be about. We are, too! Turns out, the comic is actually based on the Filipino sport, Arnis. The story will revolve around the main character named Bagtas, heir to Namayan, a kingdom enslaved by foreigners. Together with his friends, he sought out for a journey to find Bathala’s eight bulawans in order to unlock the power of the weapon ‘Kamagong’.

In Filipino, Kamagong is hard ironwood used in making the weapon for Arnis and the sport has been around for a long time. Its origins can trace back as early as the Battle of Mactan, but lack of scholarly records make it hard to point out exactly when it began. In contrary to the comics where Bagtas is a kingdom heir, Arnis, in history, is practised by commoners and the poor.

Animation in the Philippines

If I’m going to be real, our animation films still have a lot to go through as per the quality in order to compare to Japanese animes or animations from Pixar and the likes. But what I can say is that we’re getting there. Evolving from Urduja, Dayo, RPG Metanoia and others, the Filipino animation industries have grown a lot. It’s not that we’re not good at it. We have the talent, we have the creativity, it’s just that not as many people are trying to do it. But certainly, we can if we would want to!

it’s also nice to see that all of these animations really reflect our culture, history, and who we are as Filipinos. Speak Takraw, Arnis, we have a lot of sports that are unique to us that deserve to be given some attention! And ‘Kamagong’ surely will excel in doing just that.

We couldn’t wait to watch ‘Kamagong’! Do you think we have gone far in the aspect of animated films? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.