BTS is already one of the most famous groups out there. So really, it comes as no shock when artists – such as H.E.R – express their desire to collaborate with the big K-pop boy group.

It all started when H.E.R – the Fil-Am R&B artist and Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter – started an exclusive Q&A portion on Twitter. Through a tweet, she asked her fans to submit questions which, of course, she would take her time to personally answer. Check out her tweet below.

As the questions from fans came flooding in, H.E.R surely answered a lot of them–one of which is the question concerning BTS. And then, we all know what happened next.


Of course, H.E.R responded to the question positively by stating that she would indeed love to collaborate with the world-famous group. Following her answer, a lot of BTS ARMY came out to tag the official Twitter account of the group.

They were all ecstatic especially because Taehyung (or V), one of the group’s members, specifically said that he likes H.E.R’s music. She was even included in his personal playlist!

Apparently there is no reply from the group yet, but we are sure that once they see it, they would be thrilled!

What do you think of H.E.R’s tweet? Are you looking forward to a possible collaboration of the Fil-Am R&B artist with BTS?

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