Can’t get enough of ‘Love Alarm’? Everyone else feels the exact same way that’s why fans are demanding for a second season!

WE. HATE. CLIFFHANGERS. And it seems like the rest of Twitter agrees with us. Because after the release of ‘Love Alarm’ last August 22, fans are already demanding a season 2! And it’s only been eight days! Because they can’t believe they would just end the first season like that! What kind of monster would do something like that?

‘Love Alarm’

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If you haven’t watched ‘Love Alarm’ just yet here’s a little background for you. ‘Love Alarm’ is a K-Drama series that starts with a dating app, whose developer is unknown. So what the app does is it rings an alarm when a person who loves you is within a ten meter radius. Can you already tell the drama that ensues with this kind of technology messing with people’s love lives? Dating is already difficult as it is! And so the main story focuses on Jojo (Kim So-hyun), Hye-young (Jung Ga Ram), and Sun-oh (Song Kang). Hye-young and Sun-oh are best friends who are in a thrilling and difficult love triangle with Jojo. You can stream this heart-pounding K-Drama on Netflix! Check out the trailer below:

So if you haven’t watched the show yet, BEWARE OF SPOILERS AHEAD!

Fans demand a season 2!


We know it sounds unreasonable, but hear us out! Why would Netflix release a great show like ‘Love Alarm’ only to give us EIGHT episodes and not confirm a SEASON 2?! Well, we’re not the only ones who feel this way. Because fans have taken to Twitter to air out their grievances and love for the show. Check them out below:

So you see it’s really more of a NEED than a want. We’re not all crazy. We just really NEED to know who Jojo will pick! Especially since her love alarm rang for both Sun-oh and Hye-young! Who will it be? The anticipation is driving us mad!

Although it’s difficult to say when exactly we can expect a season 2. Because the release of the first season already took forever! Since the news of ‘Love Alarm’ becoming a series from its original webtoon version was announced way back in 2017. But hopefully, the popularity of the series and the clamour of fans requesting it will speed up the process! We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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