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Famous Mobile Legends streamer, Akosi Dogie, is currently under fire for posting clips of One Piece: Stampede on Facebook. And the distributors are not happy with it. So what does this mean for the future of anime movies from being shown in the country? Well, to be honest, it ain’t looking pretty.

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In case you didn’t know One Piece: Stampede is currently airing in Philippine cinemas. And Akosi Dogie did a very wrong move by posting scenes from the highly anticipated movie while watching it. Even more, we have a law which prohibits anyone from filming or recording any videos in theaters. So it’s common knowledge to say what he did was ILLEGAL.

Yet, Akosi Dogie had a thing or two to say for those who kept on bashing him. According to him, he used it as a chance to hype the movie so that other fans will see it. Furthermore, he went on to say that it was “free” promotion on his part. He also didn’t see anything wrong with it since the clips were already part of the movie trailer. We’re not ones to judge but Dogie, please stop adding fuel to the fire! Because, for all we know, the ending won’t be pretty.


Dogie may have thought of this matter as very lightly but what he doesn’t know is he’s in for a lot of trouble. Worst case scenario, he can face jail time and pay P750,000 should Toei Animation and SM Cinema decide to file charges.

You’re probably thinking it isn’t bad as it seems because Dogie is the only one affected by this. Well, you’re wrong! ODEX Private Ltd, the official holder of the movie license, is threatening to stop the release of any future anime films not only in the Philippines but the whole Southeast Asia region.

They went on to say: “Our South East Asia anime cinema ticket sales is tiny compared to countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, USA and Europe. If there are more and more video leaks from cinemas in South East Asia, Japanese copyright owners will have no second thoughts to cut us off completely so as to protect their big markets.”

“The actions of a few inconsiderate people who just want to show off that they are watching the movie could lead to dire consequences. Not only the perpetrator may land in jail or get fined, but the rest of us will see the end of anime movie releases in South East Asia.”

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Our verdict

Sorry to say, Dogie, there’s no excuse for your actions. We can only hope that no one would take any legal action against you. No matter who you are–famous or not, we should all follow the law. Despite this, this doesn’t stop Dogie from still being an esteemed personality in the gaming community. This should just serve a lesson-learned experience for him. If you like this story, make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!

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