Detective Pikachu relives all our Pokémon childhood dreams of wanting to catch ’em all.

Film adaptations, especially live actions tend to be a flop than a success most of the times. But surprisingly, ‘Detective Pikachu’, the latest and the first live-action adaptation of the Pokémon franchise turned to be triumphant. Indeed, pure of surprises, ‘Detective Pikachu’ takes us into a walk down the memory lane while we indulge ourselves into a mainstream movie narrative.

It follows the story of Tim Good (Justin Smith), a former Pokémon trainer who swore off getting his own Pokémon. Living in a world where humans and Pokémons coexist just like in the games, you can see how diverse the world is. But Tim isn’t as positive and passionate like our favorite Ash Ketchum. He’s more realistic rather than idealistic. Unlike his other peers, he doesn’t want to go wandering and looking for a Pokémon he can call his own.

But after he gets caught up with the mystery of his father’s death, Tim’s life turns around. He travels to Rhyme City, home of the perfectly balanced coexistence of humans and Pokémons. Indeed, Rhyme City is a treat. But for Tim, it’s just a bustling city with lots of Pokémons in it. And as he tries to get some close old wounds with the alleged death of his dad, he meets a talking Pikachu. The talking Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) turns out to be Harry Goodman’s Pokémon partner at the police force. He also encounters a journalist intern, Lucy and her Psyduck who joins them into unraveling the mystery of his father’s death.

The Good

To be perfectly honest, the movie has its own charms and repulsion. True enough, it had us reeled with excitement, knowing that we’re seeing a piece of our childhood in modern-day tales. The CGI-built Pokémons surely entices the eyes, for both adults and kids. Every frame with Pokémon on it will just make you melt. Some Pokémons are downright cute, while some can be disturbing to see in such real-life art, to say the least. Nevertheless, it’s an astounding collision of cuteness, edgy

It’s quite family friendly, that’s for sure. And even for a movie that’s targeted mostly for kids, the story can be wild. A lot of plot twists, per se, that will leave you hanging like “Wait, that just happened, right?”. It beats the typical live-action formula, going over and over the origin that we know of. But instead, they dive into a new theme that involves a wholesome story about family, love and loyalty. In a similar manner, with Ryan Reynold’s presence, all jokes and punch lines were delivered perfectly. No doubt, you’ll end up full of laughs by the time the movie ends.

The Bad

Well, there are a few uncharming deets from the adorable Detective Pikachu movie itself. Like mentioned before, the story packs a punch, even for a live-action adaptation. However, it appears that they’ve overextended it on that aspect. The story packs too much information to process in a short time. It’s quite hard to keep up at times, especially with a lot going on in the film. Their attempt to mix up comedy and thriller ends up quite messy at some parts of the movie. It shows a lot of potentials, introducing such kind of universe in a modern-day story if you ask me.

The Verdict

But hey, despite that, ‘Detective Pikachu’ is a much watch! It’s a success to incorporate live-action and our beloved video game hits close to home. If you’re a kid or an adult, you’ll definitely enjoy the genuine fun family entertainment it offers. There might be a few holes in trying so hard to make the story as concrete as possible, but they’ve definitely delivered the nostalgia we’re all looking for. And not just that, it’s a barrel of laughs in between all the action and mystery it’s all about. You definitely cannot go wrong with Detective Pikachu for this one.

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