The bat’s out of the cave! The CW dropped the series trailer of Batwoman with Ruby Rose in full Bat Suit!

After a few cameos and crossovers across the different DC series, Batwoman is finally getting her own solo! Playing the titular character of Kate Kane or Batwoman herself is actress Ruby Rose. 

Ruby Rose is known for her feisty roles in John Wick: Chapter 2 and Orange is the New Black. After appearing as Batwoman in numerous DC shows in CW, it confirmed rumors that she’s going to be Batwoman. Since then, Ruby Rose has shown her excitement through her IG posts about playing Gotham’s newest vigilante. 

Kate Kane as Batwoman

Batwoman follows the story of Kate Kane, the next person who takes up the cape. After coming out as a lesbian, she got honorably discharged from military school. Because of this, she decided to come back to Gotham. However, Gotham City appeared to be experiencing an all-time high in crime. Since the exit of Batman, villains began to rise up once more. 

Because of all the crime happening, a new security firm called Crows was created to lead on keeping the city safe. And when Kate’s girlfriend, Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) got kidnapped by the Alice in Wonderland gang, Kate tries to rescue her. Furthermore, she finds herself discovering her cousin Bruce Wayne’s Bat Cave. From then on, she teams up with Luke Fox to make a Bat Suit of her own. 

With Batwoman, Ruby Rose will then be the first openly gay superhero to have her own live-action series. In speaking of being part of the LGBT community, both Ruby Rose and Batwoman garnered negative comments regarding the “feminist and LGBT agenda” underlying the show. However, the writers of the show, including the actors themselves believe in the integrity of the story and the good intentions they have. 

Batwoman will be premiering on The CW every Sundays this coming fall. 

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