In case you missed it, a Filipino superhero just debuted in DC Comics and he’s what we’re missing!

Diversity in comics has been something that speaks about the core values of comics. Being a pop culture, comics grew to be more than influential to people of different walks of life. And the addition of diverse characters means a lot to everyone as it represents not only a race but a culture of many. And when DC Comics announced the firs ever appearance of a Filipino superhero, everyone’s stoked about it!

Cue in for Captain Steel! He debuted in DC’s Earth 2 #13 and according to the comics, Captain Steel has Filipino roots. But in the original story line that was erased, Steel was American. But because of the reboot of DC’s “New 52”, it paved way for a new generation of heroes called “wonders”. And when they say new generation, it means a diverse set of heroes in terms of race and roots.

In Earth 2 #13, Captain Steel  or Henry Heywood Jr. is described as an American citizen but a native Filipino through and through. It was unclear, if his father adopted him or not, but Captain Steel is born in the Philippines.

Supposedly, Captain Steel has super strength, invulnerability and can control anything made from metal. In his debut, he makes a remarkable impression as he pilots an experimental aircraft known as Red Tornado and flies it into an Apokolips Fire Pit in Brazil. But despite going down with the craft, he emerges alive, injured and on fire, but still alive.

The appearance of a diverse character such as Captain Steel allows kids to reimagine themselves as those heroes. Inspiring and promising for the new generation, it calls to action for everyone who gets to know these kinds of heroes.

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